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Bloody good coffee

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Truly Great Coffee

 At Ocean road coffee, we welcome you to enjoy our great coffee and food in a friendly atmosphere. We  are  passionate about providing you with a truly great Melbourne experience in our little Australian corner of Ichikawa city!


Our home town  has a plethora of  famous and unique cafes, culturally diverse food and a  fantastic coffee scene. With over 35 years experience in some of Melbournes higly awarded restaurants and coffee shops! We want to recreate the the feel of Melbourne through a great cup of coffee and innovative and delicious food.


so come by and Take a break from your hectic day, meet up with friends, have a drink on your way home from work or whatever your mood dictates. our friendly team will be ready to serve  you.

We open early and look forward to serving you your favorite morning cup in our comfortable space or as a take away on the go.


Come and senjoy the Australian way of life!

A Sip of Coffee


International Cuisine

Melbourne is synonymous with coffee and cafe culture. For us a beautifully brewed cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day! it fills the nostrils with the intoxicating aroma of perfectly roasted beans and lights up the senses with flavors that dance on your taste buds and wakes up the senses.

we believe in being innovative through creative dishes that epitomises melbournes famous food scene.  Australian cusines is not just about pies and chicken parmas.



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